Political Reform

Having the courage to fight for policies that best support this system was a trademark of the Schwarzenegger administration and will continue at the Schwarzenegger Institute. Redistricting, open primaries, campaign finance, the role of media and the role of special interest all impact our political system and must be part of this important discussion.

Reducing Legislative Polarization

Reducing Legislative Polarization: Top-Two and Open Primaries Are Associated with More Moderate Legislators  Christian R. Grose ABSTRACT: Partisan polarization in Congress is at its highest levels in more than 100… View Article

Open Primary Research Roundtable

Governor Schwarzenegger founded the USC Schwarzenegger Institute with the mission of advancing post-partisanship and encouraging leaders to put people over political parties to work together to find the best ideas… View Article

Election Day Forum at USC

Global Director Bonnie Reiss was the keynote speaker for the Town and Gown “Election Day Special” luncheon on November 4th. Town and Gown is the oldest women’s organization at USC,… View Article