Schwarzenegger Institute Hosts Conversation with Charles Clarke

On October 2nd, the Schwarzenegger Institute hosted former British Home Secretary and Member of Parliament Charles Clarke, USC Price School Dean Jack Knott, and senior members of the Consular Corps in Santa Monica. 

Recognizing Charles Clarke's impressive career at the senior most levels of British politics and government, Dean Knott appointed Clarke a Visiting Distinguished Fellow at the USC Price School.  Equally impressed by Clarke's background and aware of the importance of international relations from his time as Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Schwarzenegger Institute team welcomed the opportunity to host a conversation with Charles Clarke and introduce him to some of their colleagues in the Consular Corps.  

Clarke covered a lot of ground in the meeting but mostly discussed his recent book  The Too Difficult Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can't Crack, and provided an overview on the biggest issue currently facing the United Kingdom – Brexit – and where he thinks the negotiations are headed.  Clarke was incredibly well versed on the subject and answered a number of technical and theoretical questions about Brexit and the future of the European Union. 

Governor Schwarzenegger was unable to attend the meeting in person but joined by video conference to thank Clarke for speaking at the event and Dean Knott for making Clarke a Visiting Fellow.