Global Director Bonnie Reiss Honored by the Independence Clubs of New York

Bonnie Reiss, Global Director of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, was honored by the Independence Clubs of New York City at the 17th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards Ceremony for her lifelong leadership in advancing a nonpartisan political reform agenda in California and the country as well as for her outstanding environmental and afterschool advocacy work. Reiss was unable to attend the ceremony but provided a video message that was played at the ceremony.

“I would like to thank Jackie Salit, Cathy Stewart and the Independence Cubs for giving me this great honor and presenting this award tonight,” said Bonnie Reiss. “More Americans now identify as independent voters than with either of the two major parties and yet we have system that excludes and disenfranchises this majority group of independent voters. So thank you Jackie, so thank you Cathy, thank you independence clubs for the work you do for democracy and representing this important voice.”

“Bonnie Reiss is one of those rare people who is unforgettable the moment she comes into your life,” said Jacqueline Salit, President of, during the award ceremony. “It really was a special moment for me to present her with an Anti-Corruption award, to honor her commitment to democracy and to thank her for her friendship to the independent movement and to me.”

Past recipients of the award include Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado; Thom Reilly, Director of the Morrison Institute; and Michael Hardy, General Counsel to the National Action Network. The 17th Annual Anti-Corruption Award Ceremony took place at Houston Hall in New York City on Monday, October 2nd. Over 125 independent leaders, activists and donors from across the city attend the event which was dedicated to people of Puerto Rico and Las Vegas. The event is hosted annually by the Independence Clubs of New York City which works to create a new and independent reform movement of New Yorkers from all walks of life and which supports reforms that bring the one million New York City independents into the heart of the political process. 

Governor Schwarzenegger and the USC Schwarzenegger Institute continue to prioritize and publicize political reform issues that advance democracy and continue to work with good government groups like, Common  Cause and the League of Women voters to advance public policy that empowers voters, ends gerrymandering and increases political accountability at all levels of government.