Partnership with Oberlin College on the Future of Our Democracy Kicks Off in Ohio

Schwarzenegger Institute team members Conyers Davis and Mebus Behrle took part in the State of American Democracy Conference at Oberlin College in November.  The conference was the first in a series of conversational events that the Schwarzenegger Institute is co-organizing with Oberlin College and The Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado. Each event has been designed to examine the present health of American democracy and its long-term resiliency and durability from a non-partisan perspective. The conversations which started in Ohio and will take place in Colorado, California and Georgia, will each focus on the procedures and practices necessary to uphold a government that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. The events are attended by a cross section of leaders from the local area and nationally, including media, academia, business, NGO’s, Government and students.

The Oberlin conference launched the State of American Democracy series by broadly examining several the efforts underway aimed at repairing and improving democratic institutions and government agencies in the United States. Prominent speakers, including former Governor Bill Ritter, Jane Mayer, Peter Wehner, and J.D Vance, and many others from from academia, journalism and politics took part in the event and analyzed the historic and constitutional context of our current situation, and explored specific measures to reestablish robust democratic institutions and procedures. 

The Schwarzenegger Institute will host the third installment of the series in June 2018 at USC and considering the Institute’s extensive work on redistricting reform and primary system reform the event will have a political reform focus.  If you are interested in attending the June event please email Conyers Davis on [email protected].