World Economic Forum: Schwarzenegger and Schwab Discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Institute Chairman Arnold Schwarzenegger visited San Francisco on June 6th to take part in the World Economic Forum's annual Industry Strategy Meeting. The former Governor helped open the event by sitting down with WEF founder and chairman Professor Klaus Schwab for a fireside chat focused on sustainability and the challenges of meeting the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.  

Governor Schwarzenegger reassured the audience of global business leaders that the Paris Agreement is still safe despite the Trump Administration's withdrawal because cities, states and regions throughout the United States remain committed to reducing emissions and pollution.  "You can have all the agreements you want on a national level, but don’t forget subnational governments, they are really the ones in charge of reducing greenhouse gases," said Schwarzenegger, "70% of reduction is happening on a local level."

Governor Schwarzenegger also complimented the WEF and other NGOs for the great work that they are doing to galvanize support for environmental protection and empower people to join the movement for renewable energy and clean air.  Citing California's progressive environmental laws and booming economy, Schwarzenegger reminded the companies represented in the room that good environmental legislation is also good for business.     

The World Economic Forum's Industry Strategy Meeting 2018 brought together over 300 Industry Strategy Officers to build on the business community’s discussions at the Annual Meeting in Davos. The three themes of the meeting were Foresight and Preparedness, Trust and Resilience, and Innovation and Impact.

Following the meeting, Governor Schwarzenegger toured the WEF's new Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Presidio.