USC Schwarzenegger Institute Visits PlumeLabs Headquarters

Following the Austrian World Summit, Schwarzenegger Institute team members Allison Kay and Francisca Martinez visited the PlumeLabs headquarters in Paris, France to discuss ways to address local air pollution. PlumeLabs is a data sourcing company that develops an app for personalized alerts and a personal air quality tracker called the “Flow.”

Kay and Martinez met with PlumeLabs CEO & Founder Romain Lacombe and Director of Communications, Tyler Knowlton. Their discussion focused on exploring ways the Flow can be used to influence climate policies. More specifically, the conversation sought ways to use the Flow not only as an air quality tracker, but also as a powerful tool to convey the dangers of air pollution on a more personal level.

Knowlton shared how several Parisian districts are using the Flow to personalize the narrative of air pollution with the vision to inspire climate action. This strategy can be easily replicated in cities like Los Angeles with many pollution hot-spots. The goal is to make air pollution more personal, convey those stories through data, and inspire local climate action.

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute is working with PlumeLabs to bring a pilot program that uses the Flow to tackle air pollution to the LA area.