Senator Fran Pavley Discusses Climate Policies on Spectrum 1 News

On the eve of USC’s Climate Forward conference, Senator Fran Pavley was interviewed by Renee Eng on Spectrum 1 News’ “Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen.” Senator Pavley was asked about her participation in the Climate Forward conference, her role as the Environmental Policy Director of the Schwarzenegger Institute, and bipartisan support of climate policies.

To start off the interview, Senator Pavley was asked about the urgency of addressing climate change. “I think we are starting to see the urgency of the issue in California the past few years… We’re seeing early meltdown of the snowpack, the volatility of weather patterns, extreme heat events. We have seen that directly with more fires, more droughts.,” she said. Senator Pavley also stated it was important to make climate change relevant to the public in order to encourage action from both sides of the political aisle.

When asked about her experience working with a Republican (Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Democrat Senator responded, “I don’t even notice.” Senator Pavley and Governor Schwarzenegger have been working together on climate issues since the inception of California AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act. Currently, Senator Pavley serves as the Schwarzenegger Institute’s Environmental Policy Director. Senator Pavley and Governor Schwarzenegger continue their bipartisan leadership and fight for climate action.