Military Roundtable with Former CIA Officer Will Hurd

On April 21st, the USC Schwarzenegger Institute hosted its first in-person military round table since the start of the pandemic. After two years, the Schwarzenegger Institute was happy to relaunch the series with former Congressman and CIA Officer Will Hurd, who recently released a book titled “American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done.” The book focuses on lessons Hurd learned while serving in the CIA and Congress. Hurd also uses his unique experiences to propose a plan to “reboot America" with an approach he coined "pragmatic idealism.”

Joining Will Hurd for the conversation were Chef Andre Rush, Paul Redford, Bob Simonds, Sarah Watson, as well as other senior writers, directors, producers and executives from across the entertainment industry interested in building a deeper understanding of the United States intelligence’s operations and personnel.

During the hour-long discussion, Hurd talked about his experience in the CIA and how it varies from the way Hollywood portrays it. Hurd also discussed how his career in the CIA eventually led him to run for Congress where he promoted a bipartisan approach to getting things done. Since leaving office, Hurd focuses more on technology and cybersecurity but continues to promote working across party lines.

The Schwarzenegger Institute was glad Will Hurd could join this distinguished group of individuals from the entertainment industry and military and look forward to continuing this important dialogue.