Institute Hosts Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver

Last week, the Schwarzenegger Institute hosted Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Randall Schriver for a series of conversations about his work in the Indo-Pacific region.  To start the day off, Governor Schwarzenegger invited ASD Schriver to a round table conversation at his production company. The Governor and ASD Schriver were joined by senior writers, directors and producers from across the entertainment industry to discuss the United State’s relationships with other countries and those relationships’ effects on the film and television industry.

After the morning round table, the Schwarzenegger Institute, the Korean Studies Institute, and the Center for International Studies co-hosted ASD Schriver for a Scholars’ Luncheon.  The luncheon brought together 25 faculty and PhD students who sought the ASD’s insight on political and international affairs as it related to their academic research.

To close out the day, ASD Schriver guest lectured for Professor Doug Becker’s Peace and Conflict Studies class.  The students in the class thoroughly enjoyed hearing ASD Schriver talk about his different positions in the government.