Gen Petreaus Joins Veterans and Filmmakers for Screening Series Launch

On Tuesday, October 8th the USC Schwarzenegger launched the “Schwarzenegger Screening Series” with a special presentation of HBO’s ALIVE DAY MEMORIES.  General David Petreaus, California Secretary for Veterans Affairs Peter Gravett, retired Army Captain Dawn Halfaker, who is featured in the film, and filmmakers Jon Alpert and Matt O’Neill were all on hand to help Schwarzenegger Institute Global Director, Bonnie Reiss, and Schwarzenegger Institute Academic Director, Nancy Staudt, discuss the film’s impact on policy making as well as to introduce the new Screening Series to the USC campus. 

HBO’S ALIVE DAY MEMORIES, narrated by the late James Galdofini, tells the remarkable stories of ten service men and women who were gravely injured during their deployment in Iraq. The documentary reminds viewers of the depth of sacrifice that young Americans serving in the armed forces make and the importance of policies that support our veterans when they return home.  The film was shown as part of a day-long conference that the Sol Price School of Public Policy’s conference on addressing the needs of returning veterans.  The Schwarzenegger Institute was delighted to help support the conference with this screening noting Governor Schwarzenegger’s longstanding commitment to supporting our armed forces. 

“When Arnold served as Governor of California, support of military families and veterans was a huge priority,” said the Institute’s Global Director, Bonnie Reiss. “California is home to more men and women in the military, and their families, than any other state.  From forming a Military Affairs Advisory Council, to his Troops to College Initiative, Schwarzenegger prioritized supporting these brave men and women, and we are proud to have the Institute continue that work.”

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute’s mission is to put policy over politics and find and support solutions to challenges facing the state, the nation, and the world.  The Institute recognizes that it sits at the intersection of policy, academia and media and believes that the new Screening Series will showcase the power of media and film to influence public policy.

All films selected to be part of the Screening Series will offer interesting and intellectually stimulating perspectives on various policy issues addressed by the Institute, and will include an opportunity for USC students, faculty and community leaders to interact with the filmmakers following the screening.