Energy Observer Makes its US Debut

Just in time for this year’s Earth Day, the world’s first hydrogen-powered sea vessel, the Energy Observer, made its U.S debut and docked in Long Beach, California. Long Beach was the vessel’s first stop after a month-long sea passage from the Galapagos Islands—one of 65 stopovers the vessel has made in year four of a seven-year world tour. The Energy Observer is circumnavigating the globe as an ambassador for clean energy solutions and proof that a 100% self-sustained vessel is possible. It’s equipped with technology to harness energy from the sun, wind, and hydrogen from the ocean. So far, it has traveled 30,000 nautical miles self sufficiently.

AltaSea and Energy Independence Now hosted an event to present and tour the vessel. USC Schwarzenegger Institute board member Terry Tamminen was part of the opening program and spoke of the progress that has been made since the inception of California’s Hydrogen Highway, started in 2004 by Governor Schwarzenegger. The Energy Observer is a great example of the technological innovation that is needed to meet the world’s climate goals.