Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mary Nichols Author Op-Ed Encouraging the Public to Go Electric

Former California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic chair of the California Air Resources Board Mary Nichols worked together throughout the Schwarzenegger Administration to reduce emissions and air pollution. Schwarzenegger and Nichols are once again campaigning for a cleaner future by partnering with Veloz to launch a campaign that encourages the public to change their car buying habits and go electric. 

The pair wrote an editorial published by The Sacramento Bee, urging the public to respond to the climate crisis and by “kicking gas”. Schwarzenegger and Nichols believe the transition to an electric car future is more necessary than ever as the Trump Administration wants to reverse the emissions standards and halt California’s efforts to clean up the air.

The former Governor and chair of the California Air Resources Board wrote, “Emissions from road transportation cause 53,000 premature deaths each year, and transportation is the United States’ biggest contributor to greenhouse gases that are changing the climate. Scientists warn that time is running out if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Our country is already feeling the effects.”

“Together we made car history before, and we plan to do it again. The future of transportation is electric, and the future is now.”